Jesmar Frendo


A 25 year old Maltese student who recently graduated with a Bachelor of science (Honours) in Exercise, Health and Fitness. 

The first and current IOC Young leader for Malta. 

President at the (MCAST) Malta college of Arts, Science And Technology, University college student council for the past 2 years. 

A soldier by profession and sport entrepreneur. 

I do hold a strong passion for a sustainable environment and a healthy, active community. 

''One change I would like to see in the future of sport is a Cultural change in mentality! ‘The way we look at sport’. 

Sport connects people and everyone should have the right and opportunity to be part and practice sport. We need to assure this in our day to day practice. No matter the color of the skin, gender, sexual orientation, or social status etc. We should create opportunities to integrate everyone cause, sport is for everyone.

My core beliefs are that sport should be seen as a lifestyle, a way of tackling social problems in our communities to make a better world and improve lives.''

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