Alessandra Retico // Moderator

Journalist, sports writer

Alessandra Retico is a sports journalist, special correspondent at La Repubblica, italian daily. After earning her degree in Literature from La Sapienza University in Rome and a PHD in journalism from Tor Vergata University in Rome, she joined La Repubblica writing on many topics such culture, new media, lifestyle, design before specializing in sport. Since 2010, she has covered several and both Summer and Winter Olympic Games, Formula 1 World Championships, Swimming World Championships, Fifa World Cups (both men and women), Ski alpine world Championships, Volleyball World Championships and Fencing World Championships. She is the winner of the 2016 Coni sports award, a recognition by the Italian Olympic Committee for a distinguished media representative. She is travelling around the world nearly six months per year. Once she is at home in Rome, she prefers reading, swimming, playing tennis instead of taking planes despite having an aircraft pilot license.