Roberta Guaineri

Deputy Mayor for Tourism, Sport and Quality of Life
City of Milan

She was born in Milan in 1967. She is a mother, a business criminal lawyer, and the author of many publications and training courses. Roberta Guaineri’s interest in politics began in 2006, when she joined the Democratic Party (PD) of Milan. In 2007, she was a candidate for organized civil society during primary elections. Once elected, she took part in the work of the Constituent Assembly. She became an official member of the Democratic Party in 2008 when she entered the Porta Genova circle, of which she became spokesperson for two terms.
She is passionate about contemporary art and jogging.
Her commitment towards Milan looks toward internationalization and education to the rule of law, that can be achieved through the promotion of sport and culture in the suburbs. In the municipal election of 2016, she was elected on the municipal list “Beppe Sala - Noi, Milano”
She currently holds the position of Deputy Mayor for Tourism, Sport and Quality of Life