Miki Nakamachi

Karate & Posture Instructor

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Miki began karate at the age of five and has won many titles. In college, she became the first female from Keio University to win the “Big Six University Karate Tournament”. In 2012, one month after giving birth to her first child, Miki won the All Japan Karate Championship. Miki visited Northern Japan in 2013 and took part in a volunteer event where she taught karate to school children who had experienced the devastation of the Tohoku Tsunami. She noticed the children who were taught posture exercises before karate learned at a remarkable pace. This inspired her to become a qualified posture instructor. Miki found that this also helped her personal karate training and in 2014, she won the All Japan Karate Championship for a third time. She also became the World Champion that same year. In 2019, Miki won two gold medals for individual and team competition in the 2nd Asia/ Oceania Karate Championship. Miki has also been working with the karate Organizers in Japan to support the Tokyo Olympics. She appeared in explanation videos for karate in the 2020 Olympics as well as a promotional video with Japanese Wadaiko drummers. She also performed karate in a Noh play sponsored by the Brazilian embassy in Japan promoting the transfer of the Olympic Games from Rio to Tokyo. Miki is a mother of two, a karate teacher, a coach of her university alma mater, a posture instructor, and a personal stretch trainer. She hopes more people will learn the value of karate and good posture for health, beauty and happiness.