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30 Young Sports Makers selected to shake up the future of sport at Global Sports Week 2021 | News

Paris, November 26th, 2020

Global Sports Week has revealed 30 Young Sports Makers selected to play a key role in the 2021 edition of the event as the voice of the next generation. The group representing the Generation Z includes athletes, social entrepreneurs, students and young professionals from across the world. The finalists have been chosen with the support of Yunus Sports Hub, global social business network creating solutions to local problems in and through sport.

Sixteen nationalities are represented, with nineteen females and eleven males forming the squad. Reflecting the variety of the global sport economy, diverse profiles - from an aspiring sports integrity officer to an accomplished triathlete, a co-founder of a sports management firm or an entrepreneur promoting access to physical activity for women - can be found among the new Young Sports Makers.

Part of the group will be four IOC Young Leaders, alumni of the IOC Young Leaders programme, who will play a special role as mentors to the rest of the Young Sports Makers, sharing their instrumental roles in spreading the Olympic values globally, and also actively creating a positive dynamic between the groups assigned to different hubs.

The Young Sports Makers were one of the breakout successes of the inaugural edition of Global Sports Week in February 2020 as they brought the voice of the next generation to the heart of the event. The YSMs participated directly throughout the programme, voicing opinions and challenging received ideas through on-stage interactions with global leaders.

This year, a core group based all over the world will be involved in the event through the Global Sports Week digital platform, with further squads dedicated to each of the six GSWParis hubs – Paris, Tokyo, Beijing, Milan, Dakar and Los Angeles.

The Young Sports Makers will continue carrying the voice of the GenZ during the event and will also channel the questions from the participants on the digital platform to feed the discussions happening on the ground across the six hubs.

The programme is aimed at young people aged between 18 and 25. The YSM were selected over a two-phase selection process involving an individual application, following which more than 100 applicants representing 28 nationalities were invited to a virtual workshop co-hosted by Global Sports Week and Yunus Sports Hub earlier this month. The workshop included a challenge for the aspiring Young Sports Makers as they were asked to work in groups to design the sport of the future.

The sport of the future will be part of the Global Sports Week event programme in February 2021. The 30 selected Young Sports Makers will delve further into the subject as they are going to participate in a series of workshops delivered together with the Young Sports Makers Special Partners over the next year, before and after the main event.

Discover the full list of the Young Sports Makers 2021 here.





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