As a key contributor to the energy transition, the EDF Group is an integrated energy corporation whose range of expertise spans the whole of the energy sector: power generation, transmission, distribution, trading, energy sales and energy services. A global leader in low-carbon energy sources, the Group has put together an electricity mix based on nuclear energy, hydro energy, renewables and fossil fuels.  

Our raison d’être is to "build a net zero energy future with electricity and innovative solutions and services, to help save the planet and drive wellbeing and economic development". This raison d’être is written into our by-laws and forms the basis of our ambition to meet the dual challenge of economic recovery and carbon neutrality in France and in Europe.


"We are delighted to be renewing our partnership with Global Sports Week. This year, the theme is more topical than ever: How do we reinvent sport in order to generate more sustainable models?
By virtue of our raison d’être and our commitments, as well as our longstanding partnership with French sport, we at EDF believe we have a special role to play in accelerating these changes.
Bringing together numerous international sporting personalities, this event will provide us with a forum for sharing our views on the inspiring role of sport within society: harnessing everyone’s positive energies to bring about change."

Pierre Viriot – Paris 2024 Project Director




We are all convinced that sport provides a unique and inspiring platform for changing behaviours and mindsets with regard to environmental and societal issues. That is why we have been partnering French sport for more than 30 years.

As a longstanding partner of the French Disabled Sports Federation, the French Canoe Federation, the French Swimming Federation and the French Football Federation, we are actively involved in popularising and encouraging sport for everyone, in keeping with its values of diversity, desegregation, inclusion and performance. Alongside the best French players, we also actively support eSports in France: a smart and novel discipline that is firmly geared towards the future, both through the Team EDF and through a partnership with the MCES club.

Because we are confident that change is brought about by team work, the Group is pouring its energy into supporting great causes.





The EDF Group has become a partner of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games symbolise an entire country’s dedication and Paris 2024 wishes to involve the whole of France’s population in this historic event. As a major French corporation operating across the country, EDF will play an active role in the success of this major national celebration.

With our support, Paris 2024 will be the most responsible Games ever held.

We are convinced that as a key player in the energy transition, EDF can help Paris 2024 to rise to the challenge of hosting a textbook event.

Our partnership is a perfect reflection of EDF’s raison d’être, enabling the Group to showcase its talent and ability to develop innovative low-carbon solutions by becoming the official gas and electricity supplier of the Paris 2024 Games.

The EDF Group will also be rallying its workforce in the search for innovative energy solutions supporting the success of these Games. As we are certain that the Games provide a unique and inspiring platform for changing behaviours, EDF and Paris 2024 will be rolling out initiatives to help the French population control its energy use.

In connection with its partnership with Paris 2024, and in line with its raison d'être, the EDF Group wishes to contribute to the acceleration of the ecological transition in sport.

We offer numerous innovations and technical solutions that promote the practice of sports while respecting the environment, for example through the management of water releases from our dams for canoeing and kayaking competitions or through the expertise of our subsidiaries such as Dalkia in the control and energy optimization of swimming pools.

 We are also joining international consortiums, such as the GREENFOOT project, in conjunction with our partner, the French Football Federation, in order to take our expertise as a low-carbon energy company further and participate in innovative solutions using sport in the fight against global warming.



A project to accelerate the energy transition of sport through crowdfunding, GREENFOOT aims to engage fan communities to put their passion for soccer to good use by financing the renovation of large stadiums and training centers. These renovations will create greener buildings with reduced energy consumption and even allow them to produce their own renewable energy.




Founded in 2009, the Team EDF is a group of dedicated athletes who exemplify the EDF Group’s environmental and societal values and commitments.

The Group decided to beef up this Team in 2020. It now comprises 28 athletes representing 15 sporting disciplines. In order to involve and reach out to the largest possible public and exhibit its new partnership with Paris 2024, EDF has sought to expand its team beyond its long-established partners in order to embrace different Paralympic and Olympic sports.

Made up of 13 women, 15 men, 12 disabled athletes and 16 able-bodied athletes, the Team EDF is an ideal mix of athletes.

With 41 Olympic and Paralympic medals as well as 40 World Champion titles, the Team represents the very best of French sport.

In addition to their in-field performance, the Team EDF’s women and men have made a long-term commitment to harnessing sport’s positive energies in support of great social and environmental causes.

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